About Ev

An accidental artist, I paint because I feel it's the most fun I can have with my clothes on!

Slapping or carefully applying paint to canvas or paper makes me joyous and I often find myself chortling as I work. Given the choice between housework--or any other kind of work--and painting, guess what wins every time? That I can produce a piece that someone else enjoys is 100% secondary, but I'm always surprised and gratified when that happens.

Many years ago, I realized that realistic paintings didn't inspire me in the least, but when I walked into the contemporary/abstract areas of art galleries and museums, I mentally shouted, "YES! Thank you, God!" I felt at home there among Rothkos and Kandinskys and Jackson Pollacks--not that I think myself to be part of their rarified company. I just live and breathe non-realistic art. I can draw a realistic cow, but I have no interest in painting a cow that looks like a cow, and every interest in painting how a pristine northern lake makes me feel at some cellular level. And many years ago, my father pinpointed a rather basic part of my personality: I am interested in instant gratification. That's why I'm an abstract painter, working primarily with acrylics on canvas. Oils mean delayed gratification, but I do take on watercolours once in a while.

An environmentalist by nature and a get back to basics person (I cooked from scratch with local ingredients long before it became trendy), I occasionally tend to get on my soapbox and paint what I think about the poisoning of our planet: its water, its air, its soil and its people. I also tend to paint something uplifting and bright as a respite from painting dire and dark. I can bore you for hours on the subject of dance and naturally, some of my paintings reflect my belief that performing artists are the salt of the earth and their performances are food for our souls. Sometimes I just paint the relationships between colours. Sometimes I paint the relationships between people.
Always, I paint what I feel.