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December 24 — 30, 2013

Passions: Red & Black

I have always been fascinated (small things occupy small minds?) with the way red and black play off each other and the way each is associated with strong feelings.

Black thoughts. Red hot anger. There is nothing retiring about reds and blacks. Reds and blacks are exclamation mark colours.

When I lived in Niagara, I had a red and black kitchen. We renovated an existing house, modernizing it, and I was in charge of the kitchen since I was the cook in the then-family. For weeks I scoured decorating magazines, looking for the elusive thing that would make me go, "THIS. Exactly this!" When I found the red cupboards paired with black counters, I was in heaven. It's still my dream kitchen. And I still obviously am in thrall to black and red. The colours keep popping up in my paintings, so I decided to stop fighting it and devote myself entirely to (mostly) red and black for a while, to ride this obsession to its conclusion.